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AEEC - Engineering Standards for Aircraft Systems

2015 AEEC | AMC
April 27-30, 2015
Hilton Prague
Prague, Czech Republic

The Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee (AEEC) creates value for airlines and the aviation industry by developing engineering standards and technical solutions for avionics, networks, and cabin systems that foster increased efficiency and reduced life cycle costs throughout the aviation community.

ARINC Standards, developed and adopted by AEEC, deliver substantial benefits to airlines and aviation industry by promoting competition, providing interchangeability, and reducing life-cycle costs for avionics and cabin systems.

Over 4000 engineers and scientists representing nearly 250 sponsoring organizations participate in the development of ARINC Standards. These standards define key elements of equipment and systems installed in more than 10,000 aircraft around the world.

The activities of the AEEC are led by the AEEC Executive Committee in accordance with the Terms of Reference approved by the ARINC Board of Directors. The ARINC Standards Development Document specifies the procedures used to develop voluntary consensus-based ARINC Standards.

Staff Contact

Paul Prisaznuk
AEEC Executive Secretary