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Software Data Loader (SDL) Subcommittee

Last Update: December 19, 2014

Co-Chairman - Rod Gates, American Airlines
Co-Chairman - Ted Patmore, Delta Air Lines

APIM 10-016B: Software Data loading Clarifications to ARINC 615-3 and ARINC 615-4 (pdf, 164K)
APIM 11-008: Central Maintenance Computer (CMC) Standard Electronic Configuration Reporting (pdf, 82K)
APIM 13-006: Media Set Identification - post Floppy Disk (pdf, 59K)
APIM 13-007: Standards for Shop Loading LRUs (pdf, 194K)

Goal: The objective is to develop standards for software data loading. This includes development of a high-speed data loader with high-density storage media. Standards for file format, media type, part numbering and terminology will be developed in a way that can be used for various data loading devices.

Scope: This subcommittee prepares documents for the interfaces between the software data loader and the target hardware. It also prepares standard formats for loadable software airplane parts so that all of the requirements of configuration management of LSAPs may be accomplished.

Benefit: The work of this subcommittee allows common tools to be used for the transfer of LSAPs from the airline to the target hardware, whether it is installed onboard the aircraft or on the test bench.

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Current Drafts:

Draft 1 of Project Paper 843: Aircraft Software Common Configuration Reporting

Draft 1 of Project Paper 641: Logical Media Set Parts Format

Draft 1 of Project Paper 844: Guidance for Target Hardware Design, Part 2, Airborne High Speed Data Loader (ARINC Report 615-4)

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Working Papers:

Last Meeting Report:

Software Data Loader (SDL) Subcommittee
December 2-5, 2014, in Ventura, California

Associated Technical Application Bulletins:

ARINC Report 665 Manufacturer's Codes for Loadable Software
  Staff: Scott L. Smith
Reference: 13-059/ABN-042
Effective: April 15, 2013 - Indefinite

The AEEC standardizes avionics engineering and maintenance practices as chartered and approved by the airlines. Adopted documents are ARINC Standards, used in the transport industry to promote safety, security, and efficiency. The AEEC Executive Committee adopted ARINC Report 665-3: Loadable Software Standards on August 12, 2005. ARINC Report 665-3, Section 2.1.2 defines the specifications for Manufacturer’s Codes (MMM). It clearly states: “To avoid the proliferation of MMM codes, only one MMM code is assigned to each organization.” The purpose of the MMM code is to identify the software developer, and not the user of the software.

ARINC Industry Activities maintains the assigned ARINC 665 MMM code tables as a standardization service to the air transport industry while adhering to the original ARINC 665 Standard. To preserve the integrity of the ARINC 665 software standards, ARINC Industry Activities will assign codes to software developers or to operators through the ARINC webpage requests.

A break in the MMM assignment code assignment process and usage principles may result in software configuration management issues, incorrect codes in use, and codes not maintained by ARINC Industry Activities in accordance with ARINC Report 665-3.

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Clarifications to Supplement 2 of ARINC Specification 665
  Staff: Scott L. Smith
Reference: 08-002/ABN-019
Effective: January 4, 2008 Until Rescinded

The purpose of this TAB is to clarify particular issues for new loadable software parts being built per ARINC 665-2 formats. This TAB is not intended to invalidate existing loadable software parts. In general, the preferred interpretation is that which is documented in ARINC 665-3.

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Cyclic Redundancy Codes (CRC) Test Cases
  Staff: Sam Buckwalter
Reference: 13-047/ABN-41
Effective: March 15, 2013 - Indefinite

ARINC Report 665, Loadable Software Standards, Section 4.0 defines the use of Cyclic Redundancy Codes (CRC), also known as Cyclic Redundancy Checks.

ARINC Report 665-3, Section 4.2.9, CRC Examples refers to Appendix K, which provides guidance on the calculation of loadable software part CRCs. Appendix K provides an orientation to, instructions for and examples of Loadable Software CRCs and references sample files and corresponding CRCs provided in electronic code formats in this Technical Application Bulletin (TAB).

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List of Assigned Manufacturer's Codes (MMM)
  Staff: Scott L. Smith
Reference: 13-179/ABN-044
Effective: December 20, 2013 Until Superceded

ARINC Report 665, Loadable Software Standards, Section 2.0 defines the use of Manufacturer’s Codes, known as MMM Codes. ARINC Report 665-3, Attachment 1 refers to this Technical Application Bul

letin (TAB) for the list of assigned MMM Codes.

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Multi-disk Electronic Format for ARINC Report 665: Loadable Software Standards
  Staff: Scott L. Smith
Reference: 10-056/ABN-032
Effective: April 12, 2010 Until rescinded

The purpose of this Technical Application Bulletin (TAB) is to provide guidance for using electronic distribution methods with ARINC Report 665 loadable software parts on multi-disk media.

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