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Data Link (DLK) Systems Subcommittee


The goal of the Data Link (DLK) Systems Subcommittee is to develop and maintain a set of ARINC Standards that promote reliable, uniform, and cost efficient transfer of data between the aircraft and various locations on the ground. These ARINC Standards cover the existing Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS®) and the emerging Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (ATN) as defined by the ICAO SARPs. Ground locations include civil aviation agencies, manufacturers of avionics and engines, data link service providers, weather providers, and departments within the airlines such as payroll, maintenance, operations, engineering, and dispatch.


Develop standards to support ACARS, VDL Mode 2 and ATN.


VDL Mode 2 (VDLM2) is a bit-oriented air-ground subnetwork implemented in accordance with the ATN SARPs. ARINC Specification 631 has been developed to describe the functional implementation of VDLM2.


The development of ARINC Standards for VDL Mode 2 and ATN-compatible data link avionics will allow the airlines to procure common avionics from multiple vendors. These standards will ensure interchangeability and interoperability of these avionics components.

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