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Data Link (DLK) Users Forum

ARINC Project Initiation/Modification (APIM)


The goal of the Data Link (DLK) Users Forum is to assist aircraft operators, improve system performance, and maximize the operational and economic benefits of air/ground data link communication services through the exchange of technical and operational information. The DLK Users Forum is a coordinating activity among airlines and cargo carriers, aircraft manufacturers, avionics manufacturers, Air Navigation Service Providers, and data link service providers on technical issues of mutual interest leading to the identification and resolution of common problems. The DLK Users Forum also provides an opportunity for coordination among airlines, civil aviation authorities, and Air Traffic Service (ATS) providers on the direction, equipment requirements, and schedule of new ATS data link programs.


An objective of the DLK Users Forum is to establish and maintain interoperability between airborne users and ground communication service providers while ensuring the efficient use of the limited frequency spectrum allocated for use by the air transport industry.

The DLK Users Forum will evaluate a rational progression from the legacy air-ground communications systems to the more capable air-ground communication systems as they are identified to support both Aeronautical Operational Control (AOC) and ATS applications. The DLK Users Forum affords both airspace users (i.e., airlines) and ATS service providers an opportunity to coordinate datalink applications. This coordination can be in the form of exchanging operational experience, harmonization of procedures, identification of problems, or opportunities that enhance system performance. The DLK Users Forum will establish and promote consistency among the services offered by ATS providers.


The DLK Users Forum provides benefits to the aviation community by:

  • Identifying and resolving operational issues
  • Improving system reliability while reducing costs
  • Identifying system enhancements and future air-ground communication systems
  • Promoting interoperability among various AOC and ATS service providers
  • Coordinating ATS applications and procedures for worldwide operations

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