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Electronic Distribution of Software (EDS) Working Group

ARINC Project Initiation/Modification (APIM)


This project will develop Supplement 1 to ARINC Report 827: Electronic Distribution of Software by Crate (EDS Crate).  

Issues to be worked

Supplement 1 will clarify several items identified in its in-service use:

  • The EDSCrate is the root node, but is not clearly identified as such
  • The recommended path delimiter should be explored and defined
  • Update the document with current crypto security algorithm standards
  • SignatureValue node is Hex encoded, it should be Base64 encoded
  • Develop a versioning method for the document and schema for proper alignment

ARINC Report 827 defines the digital container (referred to as an EDS crate) used for electronic distribution of software. The standard describes the principles and rules for exchange of aircraft software parts and data products. The use of a crate can be utilized from inception to the point of use.