Subcommittees & Working Groups

European FSTD Technical Group (EFTeG)

ARINC Project Initiation/Modification (APIM)

The European FSTD Technical Group (EFTeG) was chartered as a result of feedback from FSEMC conferences. The flight simulation industry perceived a need for a forum for simulator operators that are subject to EASA regulations to discuss technical issues. This forum is also intended for EASA flight simulation regulatory representatives to discuss regulatory qualification and compliance questions with operators.

The format is an informal, round table open forum. All are invited to openly speak and discuss topics with your peers in the industry.

The FSEMC welcomes presentations relevant to regulatory, engineering, and maintenance issues. This includes topics that will or may affect our collective future and could need regulatory input to move towards a positive outcome for the industry.

Prior to the meeting, discussion topics by EASA operators are collected by the ARINC IA Staff.

To submit a technical issue or regulatory topic for discussion during the meeting, please email them to Scott Smith.

Please view EASA's NPA Summary  courtesy of TRAFICOM, Finland.