Subcommittees & Working Groups

Field Loadable Software (FLS) Working Group


ARINC Report 667 is the primary standard used in managing airborne software for the airlines and air cargo carriers. Since ARINC 667’s last update, industry best practices as well as other documents relating to airborne software management have been updated.

The Field Loadable Software (FLS) Working Group will update ARINC 667 to maintain common terminology, management practices, communications standards, storage formats, and distribution methods related to aircraft software configuration management.

Project Benefit

The civil air transport industry benefits tremendously from this standard. ARINC 667 defines the common terminology and processes used in the wide scope of aircraft software and data management. The document provides the high level overview of data loading issues related to format, distribution, storage, security, definitions of software types and process standards for each, and aircraft software configuration management.
This document also provides reference to other ARINC documents regarding specific aspects of software data loading.

Issues to be worked

  • Update terms, part number formats, and other methods because of new technology.
  • Support alignment with other ARINC Standards and other industry documents
  • User Modified Software (UMS)
    • Need better guidance for installing on aircraft for troubleshooting 
    • Easier way to get UMS part on a plane 
    • Improve airline process for putting UMS on aircraft
  • Software configuration management
  • Configuration management tools
  • USB security and usage
  • PDL Security Guidance

Expected deliverables and Timetable

The FLS Working Group will produce Supplement 3 to ARINC Report 667.