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FSEMC Data Document (FDD) Working Group

ARINC Project Initiation/Modification (APIM)

The FSEMC Data Document (FDD) Working Group was chartered by the FSEMC Steering Committee in response to comments and input received in recent FSEMC Conferences. Pursuant to this recommendation, the FSEMC obtained the copyrights and material for the IATA Data Document in September 2016. Prior to the first FDD meeting, ARINC Industry Activities intends to produce an ARINC Standard as a baseline document, tentatively titled as ARINC Specification 450: Flight Simulator Design and Performance Data Requirements.

The FDD Working Group identified a number of areas of improvement for the existing IATA Edition 7 document. The FDD Working Group is dedicated to the development and updates to the FSEMC Data Document.

The intent of this project is to define the scope and content of data required to build, test, and qualify a Training Device of adequate fidelity to meet flight crew training prerequisites. The resulting document will become an ARINC Standard applicable to new aircraft and avionic update programs, as well as assisting training device operators in maintenance, engineering, and long-term support of existing devices. The major stakeholders in the industry as a whole reap benefits, including:

  • Airlines and training device operators gain control over upfront and recurring costs
  • Training device manufacturers can expect a common structure and depth of content when building a device
  • Aircraft manufacturers will have a clear knowledge of the expectations of their customers
  • Regulatory authorities will know the base document that all devices are designed from
  • Data suppliers and equipment vendors will understand the industry’s needs and requirements

While this list is not all-inclusive, the standard will define the depth and breadth of the data required to maintain an FSTD of any level. For example:

  • Configuration/Design Data
  • Flight Test Validation Data
  • Checkout Data
  • Additional/Alternate Engine or Avionics
  • Simulation Modeling Data
  • Proof of Match Data
  • Validation Data
  • System Verification Data
  • Engineering Validation Data
  • Malfunction Data
  • Validation Data Roadmap
  • Others

To ensure the success of this project, it is critical to receive training device operator support. Intensive discussion, drafting, and editing occur at the working group meetings. Alternately, the working group welcomes document reviews and written feedback from all who wish to shape the future of the flight simulation training industry.