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Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)


The goal is to maintain the standards for GNSS-based navigation and approach equipment for use on air transport airplanes. The standards specify a high level of performance with an objective of minimizing the cost of procurement, implementation, and maintenance. The objective is to promote the use of the latest GNSS navigation sensors per ARINC 743A, ARINC 743B, and ARINC 755.


The scope of the activity is to maintain ARINC Characteristics 743A, 743B, and 755.


ARINC Characteristic 743A-5 is aligned with current certification requirements. ARINC Characteristic 743B provides a standard for GNSS Primary Means Navigation and GNSS approach (both LPV and GLS) to which the airline customers can refer to for standard form, fit, and function equipment. ARINC Characteristic 755 defines a Multi-Mode Receiver (MMR) capable of ILS, MLS, and GLS..