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Navigation Data Base (NDB) Subcommittee

ARINC Project Initiation/Modification (APIM)


The goal of the NDB Subcommittee is to assist aircraft operators, manufacturers, regulatory authorities, and data base suppliers to maximize the operational and economic benefits of FMS navigation by the exchange of technical information that improves overall system performance.


The airborne navigation system reference data is intended for merging with airborne navigation computer operational software to produce a navigation data base for use by such navigation computers onboard aircraft. The scope of this project is to identify, evaluate, and document the recommended standards for the preparation of airborne navigation system reference data for use in the air transport industry. This scope includes the continued updating of ARINC Specification 424 as needed to support new navigation procedures.


There is universal support among airlines, manufacturers, and regulatory authorities for the continued updating of
ARINC 424. One of the key benefits of this project is the continued interoperability between new and older ATS procedures and FMS cockpit implementations. Significant additional benefits are expected from the reduced separation standards and the increased availability of user-preferred routing that will result from NDB Subcommittee participation in the development of RNP RNAV procedures.

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