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Obsolescence Management Guidance (OMG) Working Group


ARINC Report 662: Strategies to Address Electronic Component Obsolescence in Commercial Aircraft is a first-generation report defining guidance in combating obsolescence in air transport industry. The update will ensure accuracy and consistence with evolving industry practices.

Issues to be worked

The update is intended to ensure the continued viability of ARINC 662 with incursion of the new development strategies to support proper handling of obsolescence. Besides electronics components, the spec will also provide awareness that there are also different fields of obsolescence which can impact maintenance of electronics components. A review of ARINC 662 indicates that enhancements may be necessary to bring the document into line with existing practices and to improve readability:

  • Changes due to technological evolution of aircraft components.
  • Installation of references to other ARINC Standards.
  • Obsolescence impact in related areas
  • Guidance to minimize obsolescence in design phase of components
  • Guidance how to detect and proceed if obsolescence is detected