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Updates to ARINC 429

Staff Activity


ARINC 429 provides the basic description of the functions and the supporting physical and electrical interfaces for the digital information transfer system. Maintenance of ARINC 429 (Part 1 and 2) to maintain coordination of assignment of ARINC 429 labels to aid industry is an AEEC staff activity.


ARINC 429 Digital Information Transfer System


The scope of this project is to ensure that ARINC 429 (Part 1 and 2) remains up to date. Any new avionics unit which expands the complement of available ARINC 429 words requires an update to this document. The AEEC staff coordinates the assignment of ARINC 429 Labels for the industry.


The benefit of this project is to ensure that new avionics units can be cost-effectively installed onboard the majority of the world’s transport aircraft that depend on the ARINC 429 data bus.