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Updates to Manufacturer's Code Assignment (MMM)

The AEEC serves as the administrator of the Manufacturer's Designator Codes documented in ARINC Report 665, Loadable Software Standards.

The Manufacturer's Designator Code is assigned to an organization that develops loadable software aircraft parts. The Manufacturer's Designation Code is a three-letter code, all upper-case which is incorporated in the part number of the software. Generally, only one MMM code is assigned to each corporation or company.

The ARINC IA staff:

  • Assigns MMM codes to industry organizations, on request, within the guidelines and restrictions provided in ARINC Report 665.
  • Maintains a database of all assigned MMM codes.
  • Publishes current MMM code assignments, List of Assigned Manufacturer's Codes (MMM).

To Apply for a Manufacturer's Code Assignment: