Aerudition Is Now Available!

Aerudition Is Now Available!

By Vanessa Mastros

Whether you are new to aviation maintenance or flight simulation or have been in this wonderful industry for some time, you have likely heard of the Aviation Maintenance Conference (AMC) and/or the Flight Simulator Engineering and Maintenance Conference (FSEMC). These two conferences are the place to be for problem resolution and evolution. In these conferences, we provide the collaborative framework and forum for the great minds of the industry to come together to identify, research, resolve and progress topics and shared interests.

Those issues and topics of discussion are preserved in our AMC and FSEMC Conference Reports which are available in PDF format. PDF format has a place in this world, but a searchable database to preserve this aviation knowledge and provide digital access for research is key.

This is where Aerudition came to life. Aerudition was created with a time saving approach in mind. The Aerudition™ database contains all the questions and answers from the AMC and FSEMC reaching back to 2003. This is a significant collection of knowledge resulting from the discussions between operators, airframers, and suppliers. Future conferences will be added to include all discussions as recorded in the reports. Now the engineer’s research task is reduced from potentially hours and days to seconds to perform a search and the rest is traversing or further filtering the search.

Whether you are researching to solve a problem, determining if your experience is an isolated issue, researching specific to your organization’s involvement in the AMC and FSEMC Discussions; Aerudition is a powerful tool. It is the tool that opens the door for searching thousands of records in seconds, filtering those records on demand based on your criteria, and allowing the information to be traversed with ease.

Here are some of the features/filters:

  • Information Catalog: There are two catalogs or areas of focus available in Aerudition: AMC and FSEMC. To switch between the two, simply click on the catalog in the right dark blue bar.
  • Filter Fields:
    • Year Range: Defines a single year or span of years.
    • Item Number Range: Defines a single item or number span of items.
    • Session Topic: During the conference, session topics contain multiple discussion items.
    • Summary Title: Defines the title of a discussion item entry.
    • Vendor: Defines the various suppliers and vendors associated with the discussion items.
    • Aircraft: Defines the associated aircraft.
    • ATA: Defines the ATA code associated.
    • LRU Part Number: Defines the associated LRU Part Number.
    • Airline: Defines the Airline or Simulator Operator associated with the discussion item.
  • Filter Options: There are many filter options. With the exception of the year range, each can be defined to search as an exact match or partial match. For multiple criteria for the same field, simply return to the filter field and add the additional criteria.
    • Exact Match Filter: When entering a term in a filter, a predictive list will open. To define an exact match to an item, select that particular item by either clicking on that specific item or hitting the enter key if on a keyboard.
    • Partial Match Filter: To define a filter to search for a partial match in the field, type the term then hit the tab key.
  • Results Panel: The results panel provides a visual confirmation of the filter criteria defined and in use (chips) as well as the items matching the search/filter criteria.
  • Actions Column: The action column has two icons: one allows the user to see items that have been covered in multiple years (linked items) if applicable; and the other, allows the user to see the full transcribed dialog related to that particular item.
  • Select Box: Each record shows a selection box to allow for multiple items to be selected at the same time. By using this feature, you can download multiple items in one action.

The release of Aerudition is the beginning of something wonderful – a knowledgebase for learning, improving, solving, and evolving.

Are you interested in a closer look through screen captures? Click here.

Do you have questions? Would you like additional information on how you can get started? Please contact me:

Vanessa A. Mastros
Director, IT Operations & Product Development
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