Plane Talk Volume XXVIII, Number 2

Plane Talk Volume XXVIII, Number 2

Mechanical Maintenance Conference

ARINC Industry Activities invites you to the Mechanical Maintenance Conference (MMC). Building on the successful model of the AMC, the MMC is dedicated to all things not avionics (mostly). The MMC welcomes discussion items from the aircraft ATA Chapters plus three additional topics:

  • Maintenance Philosophy
  • Test Systems
  • Ground Servicing Equipment and Tooling

For those of you that have attended the AMC, share your experiences with your peers and colleagues that do not work on avionics or electrical systems. The success of the AMC open forum to discuss chronic or difficult engineering and maintenance topics will finally be available to the rest of the aircraft systems.

The industry has asked for this, so please spread the word. Make the first MMC the best conference ever!

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