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AEEC Mid-Term Session

Oct 08
Virtual Meeting

AEEC Mid-Term Session

AEEC Mid-Term Session Announcement

October 8, 2020 – The AEEC Executive Committee will meet to discuss old business and new business. It will consider the adoption of new ARINC Standards. It will consider new projects for 2020 and 2021.

AEEC Adoption Item

The AEEC Executive Committee will consider the adoption of Supplement 1 to ARINC Specification 641: Logical Software Part Packaging for Transport. This document was prepared by the Software Distribution and Loading (SDL) Subcommittee during several online conferences.
This standard addresses the following:

  • Conversion of existing ARINC 615 Field Loadable Software (FLS) media into a digitally secured FLS, for compatibility with existing ARINC 665 and ARINC 835 standards and FLS e-distribution processes.
  • Regeneration of ARINC 615 media sets from a digitally secured FLS, for backward compatibility with existing in-service floppy based loaders.
Proposals to Initiate/Modify ARINC Standards

The AEEC Executive Committee will consider several project requests for activities expected to take place during 2020 through 2023. These include:

  • APIM 19-010A – ARINC 661 Cockpit Display System Interfaces
  • APIM 20-002 – ARINC 600 Size 4 Connector

The work program for 2020 through 2021 will be presented.

Note: The SAI Subcommittee will meet October 7, 2020.

Registration Information

The AEEC Mid-Term Session is open to all interested parties. Meeting attendees are invited to register with ARINC Industry Activities.

Register Online

Individuals requesting time on the agenda should contact Paul Prisaznuk. The agenda will be finalized one week prior to the meeting.

AEEC Mid-Term Session Items