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Virtual meeting


Aviation Maintenance Conference 2021

03 - 28
Virtual Meeting


The 2021 AMC will be held online in June. There will be eight sessions to review all of the 130 Discussion Items including carryovers.

Registration Information

The AMC is open to all interested parties. The eight sessions will be held on Microsoft Teams. Please see the dates and times in the table below. You must register to recieve the notification for these meetings. One notification will include all the sessions.

Please contact Sam Buckwalter for late registration.

AMC Discussion Items

The table below oulines which sections (ATA Codes) are covered in each session.

Date and Time Title (ATA) and Discussion Item Number Quantity
Thursday, June 3
10-12 EDT
Test System, Items 15-21
Electrical Power, Items 22-27
Late, Item 110
Monday, June 7
10-12 EDT
Management and Philosophy, Items 1-14
Oxygen, Items 99, 113
Late, 113
Thursday, June 10
10-12 EDT
Navigation, Items 34-42
GSE Tooling, Items 43-44
Monday, June 14
10-12 EDT
Autoflight, Items 28-33
Communication, Items 45-49
Software, Items 50
Lighting, Items 70-72
Thursday, June 17
10-12 EDT
Air Conditioning, Items 51-59
Hydraulics, Items 81-82
Monday, June 21
10-12 EDT
Indicating, Items 60-64
Engine, Items 65-68 and Late, Item 111
IFE, Items 69
Other, Items 107-109
Thursday, June 24
10-12 EDT
Fuel, Items 73-77
Landing Gear, Items 78-80
Equip Furnishing, Items 83-88
Late, Item 112
Monday, June 28
10-12 EDT
Pneumatic, Items 89-91
Nacelles, Items 92-98
Water and Waste, Items 100-106

Note: The four Late Discussion Items will be addressed in there associated ATA Code (Electrical Power, Engine, Equipment and Furnishing, and Oxygen).

Please contact Sam Buckwalter if you have any questions.