AEEC | AMC Hospitality Suites

The AEEC |AMC encourages all participants to use Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings as your opportunity to visit with the industry suppliers that are supporting AEEC | AMC. We ask airline attendees to refrain from accepting invitations for dinners, tours, or other activities that will take them outside of the hotel.

We have secured a number of hospitality suite locations at the Sheraton Memphis Downtown Hotel. Please refer to the Sheraton Downtown Hotel Level 1 and 2 Layout.

The list below provides the opening times of the suites. Closing times are not listed as many suites have varied close times beginning around 10:00 pm.

  • Monday: 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: All suites are closed during the Showcase Reception but are open at 8:00pm.
  • Wednesday: 5:00 pm
  • Thursday: 5:00 pm (optional)

Securing a Suite

Room Location Dimensions Ceiling  Sq. Ft. Organization
Azalea First Floor 26' x 27' 10' 702 Diehl Aerospace
Chattanooga Second Level 23' x 26' 11' 598 Spherea
Gatlinburg Second Level 17' x 26' 11' 445 Proponent Technical Services
Heritage I Second Level 25' x 46' 12' 1150 Avionica
Heritage II Second Level 25' x 46' 12' 1150 HEICO
Heritage III Second Level 25' x 46' 12' 1150 Teledyne Controls
Heritage IV Second Level 25' x 46' 12' 1150 L3Harris
Jackson Second Level 23' x 26' 11' 598 SkyTrac & Flight Data Systems
Knoxville Second Level 23' x 26' 11' 598 Thales
Memphis Second Level 24' x 26' 11' 624 Collins Aerospace
Nashville Second Level 26' x 59' 11' 1,534 Gables Engineering
Natchez Second Level 25' x 30' 11' 750 Thomas Global Systems
Orpheum Second Level 23' x 12' 10' 276  
Oxford Second Level 17' x 25' 11' 425 Cobham Aerospace
St. Louis Second Level 24' x 27' 11' 648 Millennium International


Persons desiring a hospitality suite should contact:

Vanessa Mastros
Director, IT Operations and Digital Product Development
Mobile: +1 443-221-8374
Email: [email protected]


Any orgaization holding a hospitality suite that needs shipping information will need to coordinate with Nakeisha Joiner at the Sheraton Memphis Downtown.
Please email her at: [email protected].

Our preferred shipper for the AEEC | AMC is EAS Exhibition Services.  While we understand there are established relationships with other shippers, we ask that you use our preferred shipper so that schedules are met and coordinated appropriately for our event. Please visit our Preferred Shipper page for more information.

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