AEEC General Session Adoption Items

Documents for Adoption Consideration
AEEC Letter
3b CSS 19-014/CSS-615 ARINC Project Paper 820: 
Cabin Architecture for Wireless Distribution System
7b DLK 19--008/DLK-168 Supplement 4 to ARINC Characteristic 758: 
Communications Management Unit (CMU) Mark 2
9c NIS 19-016/NIS-092 Supplement 2 to ARINC Specification 664: 
Aircraft Data Network, Part 1, Systems Concepts and Overview
11a SDL 19-020/SDL-122 Supplement 5 to ARINC Report 665: Loadable Software Standards
12a 429 19-009/SAI-064 Supplement 17 to ARINC Specification 429: 
Digital Information Transfer System (DITS), Part 2, Discrete Labels