• Ku/Ka Band Satellite (KSAT) Subcommittee
    Dec 02 - 03, 2020
    Virtual Meeting

    The goal of this activity is to develop Ku-band and Ka-band satellite communication (satcom) systems that meet operators’ high-performance requirements.The equipment specified are typically used to provide passenger data, video, and voice communication services.

  • European FSTD Technical Group (EFTeG)
    Dec 16 - 17, 2020
    Virtual Meeting

    The European FSTD Technical Group (EFTeG) was chartered as a result of feedback from recent FSEMC conferences. The flight simulation industry perceived a need for a forum for simulator operators that are subject to EASA regulations to discuss technical issues. This forum is also intended for EASA flight simulation regulatory representatives to discuss regulatory qualification and compliance questions with operators.

  • Aeronautical Operational Control (AOC) Subcommittee
    Jan 12 - 14, 2021
    Virtual Meeting

    The goal of this activity is to specify the exchange and format of Aeronautical Operational Control (AOC) messages.

    ARINC Specification 633 specifies AOC applications that are provided by different suppliers and are used on multiple aircraft types by numerous operators.

  • Internet Protocol Suite (IPS) for Aeronautical Safety Services
    Jan 19 - 21, 2021
    Virtual Meeting

    The IPS Subcommittee is leading the development of industry standards for the Internet Protocol Suite for aeronautical safety services. This includes airborne, ground-based, and space-based communication systems.

    This activity coordinates ATN/IPS development activities among international Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) namely ICAO, EUROCAE, and RTCA.

  • Network Infrastructure and Security (NIS) Subcommittee
    Jan 19 - 21, 2021
    Virtual Meeting

    The goal of this activity is to develop standards for IP connectivity and security to the aircraft that enables fleet-wide solutions based on open standards. The expect benefit is lower development cost, increased flexibility, higher reliability, reduced complexity, longer lifespan, and ease of configurability and maintenance.

  • Data Link (DLK) Users Forum
    Feb 01 - 03, 2021
    Virtual Meeting

    The goal of the Data Link Users Forum (DLUF) is to assist aircraft operators, improve system performance and maximize the operational and economic benefits of air/ground data link communication services through the exchange of technical and operational information. The DLUF allows operators to prepare for new CPDLC services and global mandates.

  • May 10 - 13, 2021
    Tampa, Florida
    One Great Venue, Two Conferences.

    The Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee (AEEC) General Session and Aviation Maintenance Conference (AMC) join together in one location to bring together industry experts from around the world. The AEEC General Session and AMC provide opportunities to explore common issues and advancements in the industry through discussion and technical symposiums, and direct focus on the advancement of technical standards and committee and working group activities under the auspices of the AEEC and AMC. 

    The AEEC General Session is an important event on the AEEC calendar. The AEEC General Session marks the culmination of the years' standards development work. New ARINC Standards are discussed and approved at this meeting. Additionally, the AEEC initiates the work program and schedule for the coming year. The AEEC General Session is an ideal opportunity for aviation industry professionals to obtain an overview of the important technical developments in air transport avionics and other aircraft electronics.

    The objectives of AMC are to promote reliability and to reduce operating and life cycle costs of air transport components by improving maintenance and support techniques through the exchange of technical information. 

  • AEEC
    Jun 08 - 10, 2021
    Annapolis, Maryland

    The EFB Users Forum is a joint activity with IATA that enables airlines and other aircraft operators to state their preferences in the evolution of EFB hardware, software applications, and connectivity to the ground. This ensure operational benefit to the flight deck crew and the economic benefit to the airlines. Flight Operations, Information Technology, Engineering, and Maintenance disciplines are represented among the participants of the EFB Users Forum.

    Oct 11 - 14, 2021
    Bangkok, Thailand

    The FSEMC Program is organized into two major sections. The general section contains the information that you need to get the most benefit from this unique aviation meeting. The FSEMC Discussion Items by Topic—the most important part of the program — presents Discussion Items and follow-up items submitted by the simulator users and suppliers that will be discussed at the FSEMC.