ARINC Events

FSEMC Data Document (FDD) Working Group

Event dates: 
Tuesday, January 23, 2018 to Thursday, January 25, 2018
Event type: 
Location name: 
Cocoa Beach, Florida
Location address: 
1550 N. Atlantic Avenue
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931
United States

The FDD Working Group will continue the comprehensive review of ARINC Specification 450: Flight Simulator Design and Performance Data Requirements, which covers all the data needed to develop and validate the FSTD simulation models: fix wing and rotary wing.

A portion of the meeting agenda will be dedicated to a discussion on malfunction. Malfunction has been a long-standing discussion at the FSEMC Conference without much consensus on approach or consolidation. At the previous meeting, the working group discussed implementation of malfunctions data into flight simulation and the use malfunction for maintenance training. Moreover, the group discussed, with the proliferation of binaries, how will this affect the operator’s ability to add malfunctions to their simulators. Tuesday’s meeting will open with a review of Section 1.3 and Appendix A on malfunctions. Airlines are strongly encouraged to attend this meeting and provide their input.

After the malfunction discussion the group will continue the review of the document and the below action items.

The following action items will be reviewed at the January meeting:

  1. CAE to provide updated wording for Section 1.1, Purpose.
  2. Malfunction Data – Section 1.3 and Appendix A to be reviewed in-depth by all.
  3. L3 CTS to provide update on Section 2.6.2, Panels.
  4. CAE to review Chapter 3 and 15 and provide updates for helicopter data.
  5. Section 3.1.1: Airbus and Boeing to add alpha beta envelopes and a statement of compliance of the aerodynamical model.
  6. Section CAE and TRU to check Change 2 for Ice Effects. 
  7. Section, Flight Control Data-Fixed Wing, Bombardier and CAE to review and provide additional tests.
  8. Section 4.4: L3 CTS to provide a listing of checkout data.
  9. TRU to review Chapters 7 and 9 and provide updates for helicopter data.
  10. Airbus to review Chapters 10 and 11 and provide updates for helicopter data.
  11. FedEx to review Section 8.6 and provide text for alternate avionics.
  12. Section 9.3.1 needs to be reviewed further by the entire group.
  13. Section 12.9 needs to be reviewed further by the entire group.
  14. L3 CTS to provide checkout data for IRS, Section 14.4. Reference 17-999/SMA-042 kpp Page 3
  15. Section 14.8 needs to be reviewed further by the entire group.
  16. Airbus accepted the action to research if text needs to be added on air temp to take the sound sampling.
  17. CAE and TRU accepted the action to provide analysis parameter on System Verification, Section 15.2.3.
  18. CAE to provide text on signal to noise and minimum resolution for Section 15.3.1.
  19. Chapter 17, Data Requirements for Lower Level Flight Simulation: The group will discuss the reason for the section and the objective.
  20. Boeing and Airbus to review and provide updated text.