• AEEC, Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Subcommittee
    Aug 30 - 01, 2022
    Frankfurt, Germany

    The EFB Subcommittee develops ARINC Standards that enable standardized EFB installation, connectivity, and interoperability on all types of aircraft. The standards are comprised of both hardware and software specifications and apply to interfaces, wiring and connectors, protocols, and application control.

  • AEEC, Cockpit Display Systems (CDS) Subcommittee
    Aug 30, 2022
    Virtual Meeting

    The Cockpit Display Systems (CDS) Subcommittee develops ARINC 661, Cockpit Display System Interfaces to User Systems. It is being expanded to meet OEM requirements for new aircraft.

    This guidance and requirements are documented in ARINC Specification 661: Cockpit Display System Interfaces to User Systems, Part 1, Avionics Interfaces, Basic Symbology, and Behavior and ARINC Specification 661: Cockpit Display System Interfaces to User Systems, Part 2, User Interface Markup Language (UIML) for Graphical User Interfaces. This activity is authorized by APIM 19-010A.

  • AEEC, Software Distribution and Loading (SDL) Subcommittee
    Aug 30, 2022
    Virtual Meeting

    The SDL Subcommittee’s objective is to develop standards for software distribution and loading. This includes continued development of high-speed data loaders, high-density storage media, and loading protocols. The SDL Subcommittee prepares and updates standards for file format, media type, part numbering, distribution, and terminology.

    This subcommittee also defines the interfaces between the software data loader and the target hardware. The SDL Subcommittee sets standard formats for Loadable Software Parts (LSPs) so that all the requirements of configuration management of LSPs may be accomplished. 

  • AEEC, Galley Insert (GAIN) Subcommittee
    Sep 01, 2022
    Virtual Meeting

    The goal of the GAIN Subcommittee is to standardize the physical dimensions, electrical interfaces, communication protocol, qualification test guidelines, and maintenance provisions for Galley Insert to support standard installations.

  • AEEC, Cabin Systems Subcommittee (CSS)
    Sep 01, 2022
    Virtual Meeting

    The scope of the activity is to develop standard interfaces that will provide airlines with freedom of choice in the installation and expansion of cabin equipment. Cabin telecommunications, cabin networks, interface protocols, and connector standardization are also a part of this activity.

  • AEEC, Ku/Ka Band Satellite (KSAT) Subcommittee
    Sep 01, 2022
    Virtual Meeting

    The AEEC KSAT Subcommittee develops Standards that define Ku-band and Ka-band satellite communication (satcom) systems that meet operators’ highperformance requirements. The equipment specified are typically used to provide passenger data, video, and voice communication services.

  • AEEC, Navigation Data Base (NDB) Subcommittee
    Sep 13 - 15, 2022
    St. Louis, Missouri

    The NDB Subcommittee will review proposals for incorporation into the Navigation Data Base Standard, draft Supplement 24 to ARINC Specification 424.

  • AEEC, Data Link (DLK) Users Forum
    Sep 19 - 21, 2022
    Brussels, Belgium

    The goal of the Data Link Users Forum (DLUF) is to assist aircraft operators, improve system performance and maximize the operational and economic benefits of air/ground data link communication services through the exchange of technical and operational information. The DLUF allows operators to prepare for new CPDLC services and global mandates.

  • AEEC, Data Link (DLK) Systems Subcommittee
    Sep 21 - 23, 2022
    Brussels, Belgium

    The Datalink Systems (DLK) Subcommittee develops and maintains standards that promote the efficient transfer of ACARS, AOA, and ATN data between the aircraft and the ground. These standards benefit CPDLC operation (i.e., FAA Data Comm and European Data Link Services (DLS) programs).

    The DLK Systems Subcommittee is coordinating with RTCA, EUROCAE, and ICAO the provisioning and standardization requirements so that the VDL Network can safely and efficiently support future ATN/IPS services.

  • Sep 26 - 29, 2022
    Dallas (Irving), TX

    The FSEMC Program is organized into two major sections. The general section contains the information that you need to get the most benefit from this unique aviation meeting. The FSEMC Discussion Items by Topic—the most important part of the program — presents Discussion Items and follow-up items submitted by the simulator users and suppliers that will be discussed at the FSEMC.