ARINC Events

Simulator Continuing Qualification (SCQ) Working Group

Event dates: 
Tuesday, March 20, 2018 to Wednesday, March 21, 2018
Event type: 
Location name: 
Virginia Gardens, Florida
Location address: 
6601 NW 36th Street
Virginia Gardens, FL 33166
United States

The intent of the SCQ Working Group is to initiate discussion on alternative means of continuing qualification and validation of FSTDs, and share and promote new ideas and ways of optimizing regular testing and checking methods. We invite your organization to participate in this “idea generation” activity to ensure we consider ideas from across all facets of the industry.

The meeting will delve into improving recurrent qualification evaluations outside of the QTG processes. The group’s discussions will result in several points:

  • The activity will produce a standard or set of guidance for an alternate means of compliance for the continuing evaluation of FSTDs. 
  • Guidance for Configuration Control for Simulator Systems Software.
  • Recommendations for recurrent qualification testing methodologies.

From the November 2017 meeting, the group determined that a working prototype of a profile test using a predefined scenario should be accomplished in a full flight simulator and the data then validated in a controlled, laboratory environment. The SCQ Working Group will review these results and develop a workplan to utilize the prototype profile.