2022 FSEMC Discussion Item Form

Submission Deadline: July 15, 2022

Message from the Chairman:

Greetings FSEMC members and conference attendees. In response to changing and evolving needs of the flight simulation and training industry and in response to feedback received from you, our constituency, the FSEMC Steering Committee has decided to take a new approach to discussion items and conference format this year and going forward.

Historically, discussion items have been submitted based on ATA Chapters and frequently resulted in one-on-one dialogue between the submitter and supplier. This approach has worked well over the years, solving many user issues and created a more collaborative relationship between users and suppliers. However, over time we have seen the need for this type of approach decrease based on the types of questions and discussion items being submitted.

This year, instead of ATA chapters, we are focusing the conference and discussion items around several themes intended to broaden the appeal and interest of the conference and intended to generate more open discussion and exchange of information of interest to a larger audience than between one or two users and a single supplier. The themes are listed below. As you formulate your discussion items this year, please give thought to submitting questions aligned with these topics.

To be sure, the success of FSEMC has been based on the need for solving specific problems. If you still have an issue that cannot be resolved between yourself and a supplier, please feel free to submit it. Or, if you have found a solution to a problem that you feel might be of interest to the broader audience, please feel free to submit that for discussion in the open forum as well.

As always, FSEMC is your conference, and the FSEMC Steering Committee welcomes all feedback and suggestions for improvement going forward. We have a great conference planned this year in Utrecht and I look forward to seeing you all there!

Eric Fuilla-Weishaupt
Chairman, FSEMC

Submitter Information:

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