2022 FSEMC Roger Goldberg Nomination

Deadline: June 22, 2022

The FSEMC Steering Committee gives an award each year to a special individual. It is an award for a person that has been extraordinary influence in the flight simulation industry, and has contributed significantly to the FSEMC. The award acknowledges these contributions with special recognition.

The first award was called the FSEMC Service Award. This first award was given to Roger S. Goldberg, posthumously, in recognition of the Extraordinary ideas, Outstanding service, and Endless passion he gave to our organization. 

In his honor, the award is now named the Roger S. Goldberg Award

Roger was a unique person in the way he had contact with other people. Always positive and happy, he made everyone feel good after being in his presence.

Roger was one of the cornerstones in the FSEMC Steering Committee. He was a founding member and an expert mediator, always searching for a better way or solution to move forward. He knew what he wanted and how he wanted the proceedings to go. Sometimes without the FSEMC Steering Committee even knowing, he was usually able to steer them positively in that direction. He was a great facilitator, fostering much discussion. He always stated, “It is your conference, and it is what you make it.” He was an expert on encouraging people to work together, given their different backgrounds and experiences.

Please provide a brief recommendation of achievements for the Roger S. Goldberg Award.

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