2022 Volare Award

Deadline: February 18, 2022

Please review the Volare General Rules before submitting a nomination.

Volare Award Categories:

Avionics Engineering

For outstanding individual achievement to enhance the safety of flight and service for the commercial airline industry.

Avionics Manufacturer

For the individual achievement for the person representing an avionics manufacturer in pursuing greater safety of flight or passenger comfort.

Avionics Maintenance

For the outstanding individual performance in providing avionics maintenance which enhances safety of flight or passenger comfort. 

Avionics Product Support

For the individual representing an Avionics Manufacturer or Service Provider who goes the extra mile in providing outstanding product support that influences safety of flight or passenger comfort.

Special Award

This award is presented to a leader in the commercial airline industry that is not necessarily employed by an airline or a manufacturer. This individual has dedicated their efforts in making commerical air travel safer by improving performance and reliability.

Pioneer Award

This individual not only demonstrates their leadership in their field, but they have developed a product, system, or device that makes a major change in aviation. Their insight and understanding of the industry makes them recognized by the entire commercial airline industry.


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