AEEC's Trumbull Award

Nomination Deadline: February 18, 2022

AEEC’s Trumbull Award is presented to an airline/cargo representative that has made an outstanding contribution to the work of the Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee (AEEC) by his or her leadership in the development of ARINC Standards and/or related AEEC activities.

The award is named in honor of Austin Trumbull, a United Airlines Engineer that led the development of avionics installation standards widely used in commercial and military aircraft. Austin Trumbull "developed the concept into its final form, made the original drawings, and consummated the follow-up work to make it a successful and acceptable Standard." ARINC 404 was first published in 1940 and was renamed Austin Trumbull Radio (ATR) Racking in 1967 by a unanimous act of the AEEC. Austin Trumbull received what would become the first Trumbull Award.

Please nominate a deserving individual within the airline community as you read this today.

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Include the rationale for your candidate to be selected and a biography (100-150 words). For example, identify the AEEC projects in which the candidate was involved, his/her contribution to the projects and the value of the products to the aviation community. Personal info, such as education/degrees, number of years in the industry, previous corporate affiliations, positions held and other information for inclusion in the citation is helpful. Former airline employees may be recognized for work performed while they were employed by that airline.

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Paul Prisaznuk 
AEEC Executive Secretary & Program Director
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