2016 AEEC General Session Symposium Materials and AEEC Project Report Summaries

2016 AEEC General Session Symposium Materials and AEEC Project Report Summaries. Meeting held April 25-28, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia.

1. Welcome and Introduction Robert Swanson, FedEx
AEEC Chairman 2016
1a. Welcome to AEEC General Session Paul Prisaznuk, ARINC IA
AEEC Executive Secretary
2. Aircraft Health Monitoring Symposium Moderators – Jim Lord, Delta Air Lines and Ted McFann, FedEx
2a. A Step Further in Health Monitoring Nicolas Andre, Airbus
2b. Airplane Health Management for Efficient Operations Mike Hurd, Boeing
2c. Airplane Health Management Dean Gibson, FedEx
2d. Airplane Prognostics and Diagnostics James Jackson, Delta Air Lines
3. Aircraft Cabin Systems Moderator – Jim Lord, Delta
3a. Ku/Ka-Band Satcom Peter Lemme, Totaport
3b. Cabin Systems Standards Dale Freeman, Delta Air Lines
3c. Galley Inserts Tom Munns, ARINC IA
4. Trending in Aviation Symposium Moderator – Kathleen O’Brien, Boeing
4a. Future Trends in Aviation Cybersecurity Dan Johnson, Honeywell
4b. Transportation of Lithium Batteries on Aircraft Mark Petzinger, FedEx
4c. Radio Frequency Spectrum Issues Impacting Aviation Joe Cramer, Boeing
4d. Going Mobile John Melvin, Alaska Airlines
5. Data Communication Moderator – Brian Gleason, Southwest Airlines
5a. DLK Users Forum Colin Galant, British Airways and Brian Gleason, Southwest
5b. Data Link Systems and AOC Bob Slaughter, American Airlines
5c. Air/Ground Communications Jose Godoy, ARINC IA
5d. IPS Aero Paul Prisaznuk, ARINC IA
6. Enhanced Vision and Synthetic Vision Symposium Moderator – Robert Swanson, FedEx
6a. The Economics of Flight Vision Systems Stedman Stevens, Jetcraft
6b. Enhanced/Synthetic Vision Certification Considerations Gerald Avella, FAA
6c. EVS and SVS Lee Bormuth, Elbit Systems
6d. HUD/EFVS Update Josh Kendrick, FedEx
7. Flight Deck Systems Moderator – James McLeroy, UPS
7a. Flight Management Systems Paul Prisaznuk, ARINC IA
7b. Navigation System Database Sam Buckwalter, ARINC IA
7c. Airport Mapping, Terrain and Obstacle Database Brian Gilbert, Boeing
7d. Cockpit Display System Interfaces Chad Weldon, Rockwell Collins
8. EFB and Data Networks Moderator – Jürgen Lauterbach, Lufthansa
8a. EFB Users Forum Peter Grau, ARINC IA
8b. EFB Interface Standardization Peter Grau, ARINC IA
8c. Network Infrastructure and Security Steve Arentz, United Airlines
8d. CANbus Tom Munns, ARINC IA
9. Aircraft Systems Moderator – Mário Araújo, TAP Portugal
9a. Systems Architecture and Interfaces Bob Semar, United Airlines
9b. Traffic Surveillance and ADS-B Jose Godoy, ARINC IA
9c. GNSS Multi-Constellation, Multi-Frequency Rex Hygate, Esterline CMC Electronics
10. Aircraft Tracking and Space-Based ADS-B Moderator – Mário Araújo, TAP Portugal
10a. Introduction Mário Araújo, TAP Portugal
10b. Global Aircraft Tracking Kathleen O’Brien, Boeing
10c. Global Aircraft Tracking Thierry Harquin, Airbus
10d. Global Aircraft Tracking Arnold Oldach, ACSS
10e. Space-Based ADS-B Michael Garcia, Aireon
11. Special Topics Moderator – Robert Swanson, FedEx
11a. Software Data Loading Ted Patmore, Delta Air Lines
11b. Fiber Optic Interface Standards Scott Smith, ARINC IA
11c. APEX Software Scott Smith, ARINC IA
12. Special Topics (cont’d) Moderator – Robert Swanson, FedEx
12a. AeroMACS Jose Godoy, ARINC IA
12b. Flight Deck Audio Peter Grau, ARINC IA
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