ARINC Specification 628P4C

628P4C Cabin Equipment Interfaces (CEI), Part 4C, Cabin Management and Entertainment System - Cabin Distribution System - 2nd Generation - Daisy Chain

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Thursday, September 15, 2005
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ARINC Specification 628 Part 4 defines standards for the aircraft IFE Cabin Distribution System (CDS) wiring, connectors, power, identification codes, space envelopes and mounting principles. The equipment itself is not a subject of this specification because it may be unique to the system manufacturer or market place driven. Design guidelines are included for informational purposes as these guidelines impact the interfaces and installation of cabin equipment aboard the aircraft. The CDS, in daisy chain architecture, is the content of both Parts 4A and 4C of ARINC Specification 628. Part 4C presents the second generation also known as 2GCN of the daisy chain topology, as an evolution based on the experience gained with the first version of the CDS. The main difference is that the system in Part 4C is divided into two separated networks, one for data, connected to the CEC, and the other one for power, connected to the Aircraft Power Supply. The second generation of the CDS was mainly introduced because of the need for more bandwidth (via quad-cables) and a newer version of the MCU, which allows for greater control over power distribution. Fiber-optic cables are not defined, because the new quad-cables were deemed more than sufficient for the expected bandwidths.

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