ARINC Specification 628P5-3

628P5-3 Cabin Equipment Interfaces (CEI), Part 5, Cabin Electrical Equipment and Wiring Installation Guidelines

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Friday, June 14, 2013
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ARINC Specification 628, Cabin Equipment Interfaces (CEI) Part 5 Parts Selection, Wire Design and Installation Guidelines, provides design and mounting guidelines for electrical installations, mainly for supplier of cabin furnishing equipment. Part 5 addresses several aspects of installation and is divided into five sections: Introduction, Parts Selection, Electrical Wire Design Guidelines, Wire Installation Guidelines, and Documentation Guidelines. Guidelines regarding design, safety, and other subjects relevant to acceptance of the end item are addressed. Notes explaining the reason for setting a guideline or suggesting methods for performing the task are provided in commentary. The content of the document is designed to make it usable for reference by industry, particularly manufacturers of seats and equipment.

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