ARINC Specification 661P1-7

661P1-7 Cockpit Display System Interfaces to User Systems, Part 1, Avionics Interfaces, Basic Symbology, and Behavior

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Monday, June 17, 2019
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ARINC 661 defines logical interfaces to Cockpit Display Systems (CDS) used in all types of aircraft installations. The CDS provides graphical and interactive services to user applications within the flight deck environment. When combined with data from user applications, it displays graphical images to the flight deck crew. The document emphasizes the need for independence between aircraft systems and the CDS. This document defines the interface between the avionics equipment and display system graphics generators. This document does not specify the "look and feel" of any graphical information, and as such does not address human factors issues. These are defined by the airline flight operations community.

Supplement 7 adds the definition of:

  • Selector Widget
  • Tree Widget
  • New FormatString options
  • Readouts available in MapItems
  • Provisions for Touch Screen Displays
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