AEEC Mid-Term Session 2016 Report

AEEC Mid-Term Session 2016 Report. Meeting held October 13-14, 2016, in Toulouse, France.


  • The AEEC Chairman James McLeroy, UPS, welcomed participants to Toulouse.
  • The AEEC Executive Committee voted to adopt ARINC Project Paper 845: Fiber Optic Expanded Beam Termini, as shown in this report.
  • The AEEC Executive Committee voted to approve 12 APIMs that will initiate ARINC Standards development activities. The summary is provided in this report.
  • The AEEC Executive Committee initiated an effort to standardize e-Enabled aircraft ground systems for software distribution and loading. This work was assigned to the Software Distribution and Loading (SDL) Subcommittee.
  • The AEEC Executive Committee recognized the expanding role of software, the need for software reliability metrics, and tasked a working group of the SAI Subcommittee to define the problem space in Phase 1. Future work is expected to lead to an ARINC Standard for software reliability metrics in Phase 2.
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