AEEC Mid-Term Session 2019 Report

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Thursday, November 14, 2019

AEEC Mid-Term Session 2019 Report. Meeting held October 10-11, 2019, in Renton, Washington.


  • The Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee (AEEC) met at the Boeing Training Center in Renton, Washington. Robert Swanson, FedEx, served as AEEC Chairman.
  • The AEEC Executive Committee received presentations from:
    • Garmin – Role in CNS
    • Honeywell – Traffic Surveillance
  • The AEEC Executive Committee adopted five documents in Renton that will be published as ARINC Standards:
    • ARINC Report 648: Guidance for Cabin Passenger Seat Production Testing
    • ARINC Characteristic 741-15: Aviation Satellite Communication System, Part 1, Aircraft Installation Provisions
    • ARINC Characteristic 758-4: Communications Management Unit (CMU)
    • ARINC Characteristic 761-6: Second Generation Aviation Satellite Communication System, Aircraft Installation Provisions
    • ARINC Specification 818-3: Avionics Digital Video Bus (ADVB) High Data Rate
  • The AEEC Executive Committee initiated twelve projects in Renton as follows:
    • APIM 19-004: ARINC Project Paper 8xx: Cabin Secure Media Independent Messaging
    • APIM 19-007: ARINC Project Paper 768A: Second Generation Integrated Surveillance System (2G ISS)
    • APIM 19-008: ARINC Project Paper 7xx: Airborne Weather Radar
    • APIM 19-009: ISS, ATC Transponder, TCAS, and ADS-B Out Functions
      • ARINC 718A-5 – Mark 4 ATC Transponder (ATCRBS/MODE S)
      • ARINC 735B-3 – Traffic Computer TCAS and ADS-B Functionality
      • ARINC 768-3 – Integrated Surveillance System (ISS)
    • APIM 19-010: Update ARINC Specification 661: Cockpit Display Interfaces, Part 1 and Part 2
    • APIM 19-011: Supplement 1 to ARINC Report 645: Common Terminology and Functions for Software Distribution and Loading (Add Security Guidance)
    • APIM 19-012: Update ARINC Specification 653: Avionics Application Software Standard Interface, Part 0, Part 3A, Part 3B
    • APIM 19-014: Supplement 1 to ARINC Specification 641: Logical Software Part Packaging for Transport
    • APIM 17-012A: Third Generation Cabin Network (3GCN) – New ARINC Project Paper 808A and ARINC Project Paper 809A
    • APIM 17-014A: EFB Aircraft Data Interface – Supplement 8 to ARINC 834 and new ARINC Project Paper 834A
    • APIM 16-015A: ARINC Project Paper 851: Ground System Definition for
      e-Enabled Aircraft
    • APIM 16-008A: Datalink Users Forum – 3-year Extension of Activity
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