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Aeronautical Operational Control (AOC) Subcommittee Meeting Report, January 2020

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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Aeronautical Operational Control (AOC) Subcommittee Meeting Report. Meeting held January 14-17, 2020, in Corla Gables, Florida.

The AEEC Aeronautical Operational Control (AOC) Subcommittee is developing Supplement 4 to ARINC Specification 633, AOC Air-Ground Data and Message Exchange Format, as authorized by APIM 19-005.

The AOC schemas proposed for Supplement 4 will optimize existing flight planning, increase safety, improve dispatchability, and reduce flight crew workload. Supplement 4 will also standardize how certain data is received from AOC software and EFB application providers.

The meeting focused on reviewing inputs to Supplement 4 submitted by NavBlue/Airbus, Lufthansa German Airlines, FLIGHTKEYS, Delta Air Lines, KLM Dutch Airlines, Jeppesen/Boeing, and Lufthansa Systems proposing modeling for the following structures:

  • Operational Flight Plan (OFP)
  • Fuel Header – define Taxi-In Fuel
  • Add Idle factor and Climb factor
  • Define Target Window for Landing Window
  • Expand Alternate Route and ReRouting
  • Revisions to Crew List and Duty Data
  • Expand Drift Down, Critical Point and Suitable Airport
  • Allow Crossing Segmentation in multiple Air Spaces
  • WayPoint definition – include wind and weather data
  • Add Cumulative Ground/Air distance since takeoff (T/O)
  • Request/Respond – Provide Requested Data
  • Advisory: Regional Weather and Hazardous Advisories

The AOC Subcommittee supported the goal of preparing a mature draft of Supplement 4 to ARINC Specification 633 by April 2021.
The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for June 23-26, 2020. The format of this meeting will be announced in May.

The handout materials from this meeting are reproduced as attachments to this report.

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