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Cabin Systems Subcommittee (CSS) Meeting Report, June 2020

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Monday, July 13, 2020

Cabin Systems Subcommittee (CSS) Meeting Report. Meeting held June 17, 2020, Virtual Meeting.

The AEEC Cabin Systems Subcommittee (CSS) met to continue work on ARINC Project Initiation/Modification (APIM) 17-012A (see Attachment 1). The virtual meeting was arranged and hosted by SAE ITC, ARINC Industry Activities.

The 3GCN Subgroup initiated the development of two documents as follows:
ARINC Project Paper 808A: 3GCN – Cabin Distribution System (Enhanced Applications). The document is expected to be an extensive update to ARINC Specification 808.
ARINC Project Paper 809A: 3GCN – Seat Distribution System (Enhanced Applications). This document will follow the development of ARINC Project Paper 808A and will be modified as needed with consensus from the group. At this meeting, no changes were proposed or made to the document.

The 3GCN subgroup of CSS will meet on July 15 and August 12, 2020. All meeting will be online.

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