ARINC 792d1s1

Draft 1 of Supplement 1 to ARINC Characteristic 792

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Wednesday, February 17, 2021
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Draft 1 of Supplement 1 to ARINC Characteristic 792: Second Generation Ku-Band and Ka-Band Satellite Communication System

The Industry Activities staff prepared this draft based on recommendations from KSAT Subcommittee online meetings held December 2-3, 2020 and January 5-6, 2021.

Supplement 1 defines a new Modem Manager (Modman) and an optional Auxiliary Modem Unit (AMU). The AMU supplements the existing modem in the Modman. This will allow operators to switch between modems enabling seamless selection of different satellite service providers and networks.

An ARINC 600 connector receptacle is specified for the AMU to support fiber optics and/or traditional coax/copper wiring.

All technical changes are shown in blue bold. Text that has been deleted may or may not be shown in strikethrough depending on the extent of the deletions.

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