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Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Subcommittee Meeting Report, July 2020

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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Subcommittee Meeting Report. Meeting held July 28-30, 2020, Virtual Meeting.

The EFB Subcommittee continued development of ARINC Standards that define server functions, as well as an application programming interface. At this meeting, the EFB Subcommittee focused on the development of:

  • ARINC Project Paper 679: Aircraft Server, Communications, and Interface Standard. This specification will define data storage requirements, file server and application server functions, and broadband communication capabilities of an EFB server.
  • ARINC Project Paper 834A: Aircraft Data Interface Function (ADIF) will define a new Application Programming Interface (API) between crew device applications executing on an EFB (for direct use by flight, cabin, and maintenance crew) and the aircraft avionics systems.

The following schedule is projected:

  • A mature draft of ARINC Project Paper 679 is expected for adoption consideration in May 2021
  • A mature draft of ARINC Project Paper 834A is expected adoption consideration in May of 2021

The EFB Subcommittee will continue drafting efforts via monthly online meetings.

The next Electronic Flight Bag Subcommittee meeting is scheduled for November 3, 2020.

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