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Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Users Forum Meeting Presentation Circulation June 2019

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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Users Forum Meeting Presentation Circulation. Users Forum held June 25-27, 2019, in Chicago, Illinois.

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Session 1: EFB Regulatory Issues

1. EASA EFBs Summary of Latest Changes EASA
2. Lufthansa Simulator Own-Ship position on Terminal Charts Lufthansa
3. FAA Airworthiness Policy Update  FAA
4. FAA EFB Policy Update FAA
5. SWIM and the SWIFT LS Technologis
6. SWIM Data – What are the Standards? The FANS Group
7. EFB Subcommittee AEEC EFB Subcommittee
8. EFB Apps Working Together Southwest/Lextech

Session 2: EFB Security and Connectivity

9. iPad in Aviation Apple
10. The Connected Aircraft is Changing How Airlines Operate Collins Aerospace
11. 5G and IoT- The Sky is not the Limit T-Mobile
12. EFB End-of-Life Mobile reCell
13. A Connected FMS in an Evolving EFB Landscape GE Aviation/Lufthansa Systems
14. An Always Connected Aircraft Interface Device Astronics
15. EFB Contribution to Reduced Emissions Inmarsat

Session 3: EFB Administration

16. United Airlines Flight Deck Technology Team Organization United Airlines
17. EFB Program Southwest Airlines
18. American Airlines Group EFB Administration American Airlines
19. EFB Administration  Lufthansa Airlines
20. EFB Administration at Air France Air France
21. EFB Program and Management jetBlue

Session 4: Operator Experiences

22. EFB Driven by Data United Airlines
23. jetBlue’s Path to Leveraging Aircraft Sensor Data jetBlue
24. Miami Air International: Past Present Future Miami Air/Avionica
25. Airport Moving Map: Traffic Display Lufthansa Airlines
26. EFB Experience Rossiya Airlines
27. TASAR Evaluation Alaska Airlines/NASA


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