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Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Users Forum Meeting Presentation Circulation, May 2016

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Monday, June 6, 2016

Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Users Forum Meeting Presentation Circulation. Users Forum held May 25-26, 2016, in Munich, Germany.

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1. Opening Comments Lufthansa Systems
2. Agenda AEEC/IATA

Session 1: EFB Regulatory Issues

3. EASA EFB Latest Developments  EASA
4. Inflight Own-Ship Jeppesen
5. The EFB Connectivity Roadblock Lufthansa Airlines and Teledyne
6. Upcoming Changes in EFB Policy FAA
7.  Rebalancing the Value Chain IATA

Session 2: EFB Security and Connectivity

8. Leveraging Broadband Connectivity for Connected Aviation GoGo
9. Connecting the Electronic Flight Bag Inmarsat
10. Aviation Cyber Security  Boeing
11. Airbus EFB New Convergent Policy Airbus
12. Approach to Implement and Manage a Secure Solution for an AID Rockwell Collins
13. Volcanic Ash Lufthansa Airlines
14. A Forecast Solution for Ash and Dust Flight Conditions Barcelona Supercomputing Center

Session 3: EFB Mobile Applications

15. Expanding Your View on Mobile Applications to a Digital Business Comply365
16. The EFB Development VC German ALPA
17. Applying User-Centric Design to Mobile Applications for Aviation  UTC Aerospace Systems
18. Foreseen Benefits of Using Real Time Thunderstorm Information in Cockpit EFBs WxFusion
19. Enabling a Differentiated Flight Experience with Data Delta Air Lines
20. Inflight EFB Southwest Airlines

Session 4: Operator Experiences

21. EFB Next Generation Austrian Airlines
22. Building a Business case for EFB to Ground and Flight-Deck to Cabin Connectivity Delta Air Lines
23. The Aer Lingus EFB Program  Aer Lingus Airlines
24. Operational Experience of AMM at Lufthansa Lufthansa Airlines and Lufthansa Systems
25. Southwest Airlines EFB Connectivity Update Southwest Airlines


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