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Software Distribution and Loading (SDL) Subcommittee Meeting Report, November 2021

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Monday, November 15, 2021

The AEEC Software Distribution and Loading (SDL) Subcommittee met to discuss airborne software and data management. Current and proposed projects include:

APIM 21-003: ARINC Project Paper 8XX: System Level Guidance for Loading Targets and Equipment

The group reviewed a strawman document from TechSAT intended to provide design guidance for aircraft components to maximize the potential of modern multicore processors and hardware architecture.

APIM 21-004: Supplement 4 to ARINC Report 615A: Software Data Loader Using Ethernet Interface

The group reviewed inputs from Teledyne Controls with guidance on loading targets over ethernet. The intent is to add material to the standard to facilitate concurrent (parallel) loading to one or more aircraft component targets.

ARINC Project Paper 851: Software Ground Systems for e-Enabled Aircraft

The airlines strongly desire a single unified software management system. Each airframe manufacturer insists on their own brand of system and present a huge problem for the airlines. This project is chartered by APIM 16-015A. This project has seemingly been overcome by industry inertia. The existing material developed will be collected and used in the draft APIM below.

Draft APIM(s)

The SDL discussed the scope of a project to standardize software receiving and management systems. The technical discussions from APIM 16-015A will assist shaping the project. The APIM is intended to be presented to the AEEC early in 2022. Reference 21-096/SDL-138 lth Page 2 Future Work The next SDL Subcommittee meeting is scheduled for January 5, 2022. Details for future meetings for each of these topics can be found here: SDL Webpage

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