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Systems Architecture and Interfaces (SAI) Subcommittee Meeting Report, August 2021

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Monday, September 13, 2021

Systems Architecture and Interfaces (SAI) Subcommittee Meeting Report. Meeting held August 25, 2021, online meeting.

The SAI Subcommittee met in special session to discuss the progress being made in the development of several ARINC Standards. Eight APIMs were
supported for AEEC Executive Committee approval at the AEEC Mid-Term Session to be held October 7, 2021:

APIM 21-006 - Supplement 5 to ARINC Report 803: Fiber Optic Design Guidelines, and Supplement 3 to ARINC Report 804: Fiber Optic Active
Device Specification
APIM 21-007 - Supplements to ARINC Specification 653: Avionics Application Software Standard Interface (multiple parts)
APIM 20-002A - Supplement 21 to ARINC Specification 600: Air Transport Avionics Equipment Interfaces
APIM 19-005A - Supplement 5 to ARINC Specification 633: AOC Air-Ground Data and Message Exchange Format
APIM 19-007A - ARINC Project Paper 768A: Second Generation Integrated Surveillance System (2G ISS)
APIM 19-008B - ARINC Project Paper 748: Airborne Weather Radar with Advanced Antenna Technology
APIM 19-009B - Supplement 5 to ARINC Characteristic 718A: Mark 4 ATC Transponder, and ARINC Project Paper 735C: Traffic Computer, ACAS-X
and ADS-B Functionality
APIM 19-013A - Supplement 7 to ARINC Specification 810: Definition of Standard Interfaces for Galley Insert (GAIN) Equipment Physical Interfaces

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