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Test Program Set (TPS) Quality Working Group Meeting Report, June 2019

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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Test Program Set (TPS) Quality Working Group Meeting Report. Meeting held June 4-6, 2019, in Hamburg, Germany.

The Test Program Set (TPS) Quality Working Group met to create or modify material intended for Supplement 4 to ARINC Report 625: Industry Guide for Component Test Development and Management.

The group completed several objectives for the TPS work. These include:

  • The group reviewed the Test Specification (TS) Quality Checklist in its entirety. The checklist was simplified, eliminating redundancies, to include only essential items.
  • Section 3.2.2, Test Granularity to Support Fault Isolation: The granularity of the TS determines the size of ambiguity groups (functional block or group of basic parts) and thus the efficiency with which troubleshooting and fault isolation can be performed. The TS should be written with a sufficient number of tests, with suitably small (minimum number of basic parts) ambiguity groups to support efficient fault isolation and repair based on TS test failures.
  • Andres Dierks, Lufthansa Technik, recommended adding the Recommended Programing Practices attachment back into the draft, as engineers within Lufthansa Technik found it beneficial. The section was originally deleted during the early phase of drafting of Supplement 4. After review of the attachment, the TPS Working Group concurred and the attachment was reinserted, with minor modification.

At the conclusion of the standards meeting, the TPS Working Group has deemed that Draft 6 of Supplement 4 to ARINC Report 625 to be mature. Following the industry review, should there be no adverse industry comments, the TPS Working Group has requested that Draft 6 be forwarded to the AMC Steering Committee for adoption consideration.

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